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Peak Performance Club

037This unique Membership Program is for those select players who are committed to raising their golf skills to the highest performance level. Members of this Club have access to “unlimited” practice time and twelve (12) one-hour golf lessons specifically tailored as follows:

  • Personal Goals –Evaluate and establish goals you want to accomplish.
  • The Five Ball Flight Laws – Learn how to interpret ball flight and understand why it is important.
  • The Fundamentals – Grip, Stance, Posture, Alignment.
  • The Driver - A “K-Vest Video Analysis” assists in developing proper swing mechanics and technique. Drills and practice regimens promote continuous improvement. Learn how to hit the ball farther.
  • On the Green - A “SAM Putt Lab” evaluation, regarded by many as the Ultimate Putting Training System, promotes new skills and techniques for peak putting performance.
  • Fairway Woods & Hybrids – Increase proficiency with these clubs.
  • Scoring Zone - Pitching and Chipping Essentials. The player will learn how to shave strokes from 100 yards and in. • Sand Play - Learn the proper Technique for getting out and close to the pin.
  • Faults & Fixes - Creative Cures for Golf’s common problems.
  • A Nine-Hole Playing Lesson – Course Management, Observation of scoring skills, Attitude.
  • Practice for Success – Learn how to practice and what to practice.
  • Mental Side Of The Game – This is the most overlooked essential of golf skills development. Learn how to train your brain to play the game. We help you develop a “Tension Free Golf Swing” that leads you to Peak Performance.
  • Assessment Test – A Skills Evaluation Test will be conducted on the course providing the player evidence of improvement. You will receive instruction on specific areas that need to be worked on.

This Peak Performance Club Membership is exclusive and limited to 20 players only Call us at (248) 250 9354 today and reserve your place in this elite club. The actual value of this program is over $2000, however, we are offering Charter Members a 50% discount, so the cost is only $1000! Mastercard, Visa, Discovercard and American Express accepted.


Peak Performance Club Membership, $1000.00