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T-Golf ®

T-Golf® is golf's first progressive swing system and transitional game. T-Golf simplifies learning the swing, the game and technical terms like plane and spine angle. It is a remarkable breakthrough and will revolutionize the way the game has been taught and played! The T-Golf club consists of a standard golf shaft, standard golf grip and a "modified" traditional looking club head. The club may be used for all shots including putts. The Club is 24 inches in length. The telescoping tee allows the player to progress at their own pace and graduate to conventional equipment based on their athleticism. The special club and a telescoping tee makes the ball easier to hit while training proper modern swing mechanics. The equipment may be used at driving ranges, golf courses, schools, parks, playgrounds and everywhere else with many ball types. Every single beginner through pro that has used T-Golf® and followed our simple "T-Golf® Lesson" has been a success story. T-Golf® reduces the frustration and humiliation of learning golf and replaces them with fun and confidence.

Schedule a T-Golf lesson today. ½ hour $50. T-Golf training kit $139.

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1/2 Hour T-Golf Session 

T-Golf Training Kit,  $139.00