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K-Vest // Ultra Hi-tech Golf Analysis

K_VestSwingTEK has available the revolutionary K-Vest, K-Trainer and K-Video software for this all-in-one unique 3D capture, analysis and training solution that allows golf teaching professionals to easily measure swing efficiency and movement patterns while the real-time training experience improves swing faults in less time. This easy-to-read 3D analysis provides a simple roadmap to communicate game improvement to students.

k_vest_loopHow Does it Work?

By using wireless sensors, K-Vest has eliminated the need for expensive high-speed cameras ($20,000+) and software that would take days or weeks to analyze one golf swing. Instead, the K-Vest can produce a person's swing data in a couple of seconds. Now that's fast! Not only that, the K-Vest can capture a golfer's motion in real time and identify the errors immediately via live animation so that the golfer can make necessary changes to his/her motion.


Tracking Your Improvement

There is no guessing as to whether or not improvements are occurring. No more looking at the video to see if a small change in movement is perceivable. Numbers don't lie. And the K-Vest will produce numerical data that will positively confirm whether or not change is occurring, good or bad.

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K-Vest Swing Analysis - 3-D Bio-Mechanical Evaluation of your golf swing, 2 hrs $225.00